Thursday, April 15, 2010


Hello people,

Quite a different subject title!Hmmm..why I decided to write on this topic??

There are quite a few reasons. Firstly, I'm a responsible citizen of my country and constitution has given me full rights to express my views. Second, Few days back, I have started with my masters course, so being a part enlightened community ,now I can express my views to which people would definitely pay some attention (That's my guess..dunno reality!) and lastly,sad to say, I'm accepting that, now I cannot represent the youngest generation!so I feel I can be impartial about my views on generations, their cribbing about the next generations etc etc.

Opinions mentioned below are not influenced by any book, any person, any event. and of course, they are generalized!So may be you'll agree or disagree, You are free to comment!We may come up with something good!


There are many social and technological parameters that have affected the behavioral pattern of generations! Let's take a simple example with Information & Technology!Internet has revolutionized the concepts of being gregarious and extrovert! Now a days, almost every second or third kid in metropolis is seen on social networking sites at the age of around 12-14. These guys are well versed with handling computer, surfing internet, chatting, gaming and so many things! I remember, when I was 12, computer wasn't alien for us but the best thing possible was to have a SEGA 16 bit video game at home with CARTRIDGES of different games. For a generation before that, it was Television, and before that, I really don think that they had this kind of indoor entertainment!So how this has affected the behavior?? In my opinion, Technology made people shaper and smarter. Someone may say that this goes hand in hand with concept of evolution. But I would just correct the statement as "After rapid growth of technology, we should rewrite a new theory of 'R'evolution!" Well are there any negative effects??yes there are- All Good things come in packages wrapped with sad things!!Since the world is changing so rapidly, Change has become the only constant word in the world. We are not stable with things we have. Yes,there's a significant role of something called "Greed for more" but still we wish to have remote control for every appliance, we want faster vehicles, Ready to cook food packets and stuffs like that. Laziness or lethargy in definitely not a reason for this! So what exactly this is??My be lack of patience? May be quest for variety?I had hard time thinking about this!

Lets think about the older generations in a bit more detail. I feel, social parameters created a G -gap' in last two generations. Generation older of the two belonged to mostly pre-independence era where as the later belonged to post-indepedence era. The older generation had seen two world wars, freedom fights for own land, understood what slavery means and still they bought up their families and eventually came up good in life post indepedence. The next G of the two, mostly born post-indepence, never really looked back at history seriously. This generation experienced infinite political and social instabilities, Indo-Pak ;Indo-China wars, recession,corruption, poverty and unemployment which all went to their highest levels in this span. Someone may have an answer to why this happened? but result was these people were always pissed off with a system they made, a system of which they were a part of! I have seen people in this generation who are in their fifties and still confused..!whatever they did in life was right or wrong? Generally newer generations are blamed for not respecting elders and rest of things, but it was this generation when family decentralization begun from our joint family cultures!I'm not blaming this generation for whatever they did, but their deeds left a mark on the social & moral values which continued to denigrate in the next generations. The positives that we got from this generation is something called 'Patience'. These people, now in the their 50s or 60s, are really passive and ready to wait. They waited for increments and promotions in the same company for years, they waited many years;even post marriage in cases; to have their own house and many things that they dreamed of! This particular quality lacks in our generation to much extent and to much higher extent in next generation.

I know, one may feel like "This is getting to biased and one sided" but as I have mentioned above, this are strictly my views after looking at the scenario. but we are open to new ideas or views. I would love if I get inputs on this subject from all age groups.
Much more to think and write. Take care!