Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Power Elites" the right title!!

Yesterday I read an article on a portal about personalities who can be called as the top 10 power elites of the country!As I'm staying in United States, I felt that this will be a good post to begin writing after a long time. This article will not only allow me to express my views on few of them but also joy of staying in touch with INDIA! so here I begin-

The list begins with:
1. Mr. Ratan Tata:
Undoubtedly, This man in the the real entrepreneur. After failing earlier in his career with NELCO or EMPRESS mills, he still came out strong and joined in Tata group as director. Under his guidance Tata motors and TCS got listed on the New York Stock exchange. He bought Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford motor company. In his tenure TATA group has emerged as largest business house on Indian stock market with companies like Tata steel, Tata motors, Tata consultancy services, Tata tea etc. But these are not the things for which a common man like me should be proud of him! He is known to common man because "The trust" he maintained with all his products and services and we can proudly say " TATA ka bharosa (Tata's trust)".The other and more important reason is he understands our dreams.He announced that his company would come out with a car, that would cost just a lakh of rupees.Many experts, critics claimed that this was impossible, but with his team of engineers; Ratan Tata came out with "NANO"- The cheapest car of the country.He kept his word & that's why he is the first power elite of the country. People would remember him for his quote "A promise is a promise"...he literally fulfilled that!!
2.Mukesh Ambani & Anil Ambani:

After a feud broke between them, they have divided the Reliance group, I'll still consider them together as "The Ambani's". These two men have an unsaid monopoly as far the Indian economy is concerned.Many times people say that it was genius of late Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani who established the name,but they have even grown on their own. Mukesh Ambani is the first trillionaire of the country and richest Indian all over the world. He holds all the Petrochemical flag of the group with the name RELIANCE after the split. Once in January 2008, due to high jumps in stock market, he was even called the RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD. Currently his dream home worth $1 billion is in news. Anil Ambani on other side started with a new group called ANIL DHIRUBHAI AMBANI GROUP (ADAG) keeping industries like RCOM, Reliance energy. He is the one who took Reliance out of their conventional sectors and began exploring areas like entertainment, retail markets etc. He is the fourth richest Indian in the world. However One can surely say that Ambani's together or individuals are elite!
3. Sachin Tendulkar:
What Should I write??I really falling short of words & short of his records in world cricket. It might be possible that a person reading this post may have more information & more things to talk about him. still being his fan, I would mention a few things-
1) Batsman with maximum number of centuries in both One day and test cricket.
2) Record of scoring not out 200 runs in an ODI.
3) Maximum runs in both test & one day formats.
There are many many and many more. One day I'll write a different post entirely about Sachin. As far as this discussion is concerned, he affects lives of millions in India.People forget their personal lives when Sachin is playing. An entire generation of Indian cricketers has grown looking at this little master.There are many famous lines said about him. I would mention the one I like the most- " He is an individual who showed millions of middle class families in India, that one can become billionaire with the a piece of wood in hand & determination in mind". Above all he is not just the best cricketer, best sportsman but best person. We salute you master!
4) Amir Khan:
The Ace Khan, The Perfectionist, Sensible director, Great actor, Good producer and there are many more roles he has played in Indian cinema & in Social India. He has this strange habit of doing everything impeccably ( One of his famous dialogue is "Waise bhi prefection ko improve karna mushkil hota hai- It's very difficult to improve perfection"). After being the chocolate hero of the Industry he then turned to few selective roles,and how well he has done that!!His flicks like Dil Chahta hai, Lagaan, Sarfarosh, Rang de basanti, Taare zamin par, 3 Idiots have been blockbuster films. He has shown dedication towards his roles by changing look, physique every time. He decided to take producer's seat for Lagaan and after many years an Indian film was nominated in the final five at academy awards in the category of best foreign film. He wasn't always successful with his experiments and "Mangal Pandey" is a good example of that. But then again it was Amir Khan because of whom a film like "Ghajini" became a big hit.Today, he stands out in all other actors of his generation. He is the promoter of Incredible India campaign and he has even shown his participation in issues like "Narmada andolan". His every act, every performance in films increases expectations of people across India. I would say that, for Amir Khan, "We hope Best is yet to come"
5) Shahrukh Khan:
Right from the days of television (Circus,Army), this man has flourished in his career. While doing so, He has proved himself to be a Good Entertainer, Romantic Hero, Good Friend & Of course heartthrob of millions in the country. His fans believe that he is "The KING" of bollywood. there are debates on that, but one must agree that this man is "selfmade". Without any godfather in the industry he has become a brand name today. He never got involved in any type of personal life controversies in glam world of B-Town but invited quite a few debates in his social life (recent issues with a political party). He proved his skills on silver screens with power packed performances in Swades, Chak de India, Don. Even then, his fans like to see him doing romantic films like DDLJ, KKHH, K3G etc. This man has an amazing knack of connecting with his fans.He is one of the very few celebrities in India after Cricketers, with whom fans are attached emotionally.and that is where "He is the King" (Personally speaking I would Like to see him exploring more of his acting skills rather than just being a entertainer).

The later names mentioned in the list were not so familiar with me. I have no doubt that even these people are a class apart!I would just mention their names to complete this post. the list includes, Shashikant and Ravi Ruia; Samir and Vineet Jain;Kumar Mangalam Birla; Anand Mahindra.

I hope I can spare some time to keep writing( Quality writing)!!Take care!

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